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We help companies build their business with our skilled staffing services.

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We work to make the job easier for our client so that he doesn't need to worry about anything.

About Us

ANT INTEGRA is a special employment center born from the experience of the auxiliary services sector with the important mission of facilitating the labor and social integration of people with disabilities.

What We Do

We share the social commitment with customers who contribute by hiring our services to offer jobs to people with disabilities that allow them to be self-sufficient and develop their life project.

How We Do It

We offer teaching of the basic aspects related to commitment to work and participation in work teams to generate a routine that provides security and continuity to the company.

When the outsourcing of a part of your activity becomes strategic, ANT Integra responds to all areas, with the utmost professionalism.

We are professionals

Our assistants are selected professionals who follow a continuous training program. Its functions will depend on the service assigned according to the operational plan designed in a personalized way.

We will take care of effectively managing the tasks derived from the daily activity of your company, providing added value, well-being among employees and suppliers, and allowing them to perform their functions 100% guaranteeing the achievement of business objectives.

We take care of the structuring, optimization and proper management of all those services that you wish to outsource, making efficiency and cost reduction two intrinsic qualities in each activity.


We take care of the subrogation of your company’s staff, guarantee the stability of the workers and incorporate them into ANT INTEGRA so that they continue to exercise their obligations and have their labor rights.

We offer to take over the management of oversized templates and take care of the organizational restructuring of the company, looking for much flatter organizations with a significant reduction in coordination and personnel costs.

At ANT INTEGRA we believe that our strong point is the peace of mind we bring to our customers, which is why we offer services in all aspects where a company needs support. Both in technical or cleaning services, and in personnel-related services.

ANT Integra allows you to comply with the LISMI law 13/1982 through the application of RD 364/2005 of alternative measures for the conclusion of contracts with Special Employment Centers.


Active workers
Personnel subrogation will be carried out with those workers who have been carrying out work activities with the company for more than four months since they started working for the company, regardless of the type of employment contract.

Workers with the right to job reservation bold,
All those employees who are in a situation of temporary disability, leave of absence, holidays, permits, maternity or permanent disability, as long as they have a minimum seniority of six months in the outgoing company, they will be capable of staff subrogation.

Newly admitted temporary or permanent workers
Subrogation of personnel will be possible for those employees who have been incorporated into the company leaving in the six months prior to the fact that the subrogation takes place, whether they are workers with a temporary contract or workers with a fixed position.



staff surrogacy, staff surrogacy company, hire temporary staff, hire disabled staff, disabled workers, hire disabled workers.

We are a company committed to all sectors of society and, from our cleaning and maintenance sector, we help to employ people with disabilities because we believe in their human potential.

We work with them, train them and accompany them to work in a company.

Depending on the type of disability of the person, jobs, machines or tools of different types are assigned, also with identification by symbols and colors to make it easier.

At ANT INTEGRA we develop training activities in a stable environment, focusing on teaching and on the obligations in the professional field to learn and contribute to the personal growth of the person.

  • Creation of economic value for each of the workers, providing them with dignified and remunerated work, so that they feel productive and valued.
  • Work as a means of social integration. Making workers feel like active members of society, being increasingly recognized socially.
  • Personal and professional development. Work is an opportunity to grow both personally and professionally, taking on new responsibilities to feel productive.
  • The satisfaction of a job well done. Disability barriers must be broken down through the combination of technique and technology between the company and the person.
  • Respect as the main value. Promoting empathy, tolerance, receptivity and cordiality at work allows us all to appreciate our own qualities and those of others.


At ANT INTEGRA we adapt safety and health protocols for people with disabilities.

We help people with a disability level of 33% or more to integrate into work. We take care of all the actions of the support process, from entering the special employment center to obtaining a job with another external company or with our employees.

From our company, we strive to provide the necessary tools, resources and training adapted to their skills so that they can do productive work and provide quality service to our customers so that they can do their work independently and satisfactorily .

The main objective is for everyone to fully adapt to the world of work and acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to do the job independently.



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